Day two: Today was amazing! So much happened that I think I might explode! First me and Vegas nanny went and had breakfast at this huge buffet restaurant. You could have anything, bacon, fried chicken and even ice cream! Vegas nanny told me to eat lots because today was going to be a very busy day, but I ate so much that I was nearly sick. This morning we took a walk down The Strip and passed all the hotels and watched some dancing fountains (it was really good)! We then caught the bus, because it was too long a walk for my little legs, to the Stratosphere. We went up it and the view was amazing! You could see for miles! I could have gone on a roller coaster ride thing but it practically chucked you off the edge so I opted out. When we got back to the hotel mummy was there and she gave me a brand new outfit! It's the best outfit I've ever seen (even better than Hannah Montana)! We had tea in the a hotel and went and saw a show where people were flying everywhere and I didn't know where to look! When mummy came back she had ANOTHER surprise for me, it was a new friend. He's a tiger called Mirage, Mirror for short, and he's so cute and I'm going to look after him. I can't wait until tomorrow!

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